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Dear Friends!

It’s wonderful when life lets you combine your interests with work. Fortunately, a few years ago, our interest in travel and photography led to our decision to publish travel guides and photo albums.

We succeeded in assembling a team of people sharing a characteristic passion for discovering a little something new each day and who have the ability to see ordinary things from a new perspective.

It is not widely known that there are some 200 theme-oriented touristic routes in Germany. Some of these are already quite established and well-trodden. Others have been developed by ourselves together with our authors and partners.

Personally, I was truly fascinated by the Dinosaurier-Straße route, as it gives you the opportunity to experience here and now the traces left behind by the dinosaurs. And then there is the Kunststraßen route – the only book that guides readers through 170 museums and private fine art collections of classical modern to contemporary work, all located outside of large urban centers.

As is well known, results are always better when work brings satisfaction. I hope that you, dear friends, will be able to appreciate our efforts.

Our perspective on the world reflects our motto: Discover the unknown in the known.
If this strikes a chord with you, we are on the same path!

Best regards,
Natalia Mavricheva,

Project Manager,
Managing Director
Grebennikov Berlin GmbH

Grebennikov Verlag GmbH