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Grebennikov Business Career

The Grebennikov Publishing House, under its Grebennikov Business Career brand, offers products aimed at a business audience. Its first publication for the business market was the address directory “Moscovskii Reclamnii Rynok” (Moscow Advertising Market), later titled “Reclamnaya Rossia” (Advertising in Russia). It was first published in 1994 and continued until 2003. In 1995, the Grebennikov Publishing House began to print periodicals, and later also began publishing books and organizing business conferences. In 2005, the Grebennikov Publishing House created Grebennikon, its own electronic library, which contained articles from published journals.
The key goal of Grebennikov Business Career and its products is to promote the professional development of managers at all levels and at every point in their career.
Under the Grebennikov Business Career brand, Grebennikov Publishing House now publishes an assortment of books and 26 journals on management, marketing, and financial and personnel management.

Important: All products and the web sites presenting them are only in Russian.

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The first publications of Grebennikov Publishing House released were the 1994-95 directory “Moscovskii Reclamnii Rynok”, subsequently “Reclamnaya Rossia” (Advertising in Russia), and the newsletter “Moscovskoe Reclamnoe Obozrenie” (Moscow Advertising Review), subsequently “Reclamnoe Zhurnal” (Advertizing Journal). In 1996, the journal “Marketing I marketingovie issledovanija” (Marketing and Marketing Research) began publication. It is the oldest of all existing journals on marketing in the Russian language today. In the same year, Grebennikov Publishing House released its new book, Advertisement in the Social Sphere, by Larisa Nikolaevna Fedotova, Professor at Moscow State University. At the same time, it published classic works in marketing by David Aaker, Don Schultz, and Bob Stone. The number of journals being published reached a total of 26. All books and journals released by Grebennikov online shop can be found on the website electronic Library

The electronic library of Grebennikov Publishing House was created in 2005. The library holds articles from more than 30 journals that the publisher has issued over the course many years. The library provides access to specific journal issues as well as individual articles in the journals.
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Grebennikov Explorise

Grebennikov Publishing House, under its Grebennikov Explorise brand, publishes touristic literature, souvenir products (non-book), and creates websites oriented towards the tourism market. Its first book, the touristic photo album “Berlin. Sehenswürdigkeiten und Museen” (Berlin. Sights and Museums), was released in 2009. By 2012, the publishing house had printed 10 touristic books on Berlin, and starting in 2012, it concentrated on the release of thematic tour guides of German-speaking countries.
The basic motto of Grebennikov Explorise brand is:
“Discover the unknown in the familiar.”

Important: All products and the web sites presenting them are only in German. books

To date, the Grebennikov Publishing House, under its Grebennikov Explorise brand, has released three book series – Explorise Ferienstraßen, Explorise Wege, and Explorise Atlas. The Explorise Ferienstraßen (Vacation Routes) series is devoted to popular, theme-based touristic routes in Central Europe. The series Explorise Wege presents routes, which have been developed by Grebennikov Publishing House. The Explorise Atlas series introduces readers to a number of theme-related touristic locations.

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Explorise Routen: online travel magazine

Theme- and holiday routes and the places along these itineraries will be presented on Explorise Routen in a detailed and concise way. Explorise Routen provides information about itineraries, cities, sights, hotels, restaurant, museums as well as many other activities and attractions related to travelling and holidays.

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